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The Limit: 5 Weeks in Hell

After hearing about Everesting I knew this was something I must do. I picked a hill road about 4k Meters of it as a preview and told myself, this will be easy!

The next week on a random day starting at midnight the ride was on, 18 hours of mind numbing repeats and my gps rolled over 8848, well that’s nice, the ride was such a blur at that point I wasn’t sure what to do besides pack up and head to bed. The next day a Strava challenge pops up as I uploaded my ride. Do an everest and get this cool titanium thing… Well that’d be cool, upon further research I came across the S.S.S.S… I love a good challenge lets make this a bit more interesting! I felt great after my first attempt so why not.

The challenge started and I was off, a short steep hill to take on, still feeling good, next I took on the dirt and decided to hit the 10k meters there just because I wanted to make myself miserable, did I mention I live in Vermont and on this particular day it was -0c (20*f) oh what fun, now I feel like saying enough is enough until my friend and I convinced each other that he needed to do one and I’d bop along for the ride. Lucky for us we picked the day before a blizzard, I woke up the next day not knowing how or when or what or who or where I was, had been, had done, just knew now there was a foot of snow outside my window.

Anyways, much of this ordeal is a blur but 4 everests in 5 weeks earned me a grey stripe and a spot in the HRS



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